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Project Description

In the late 1980's, Brown & Williamson launched Project Janus in an effort to develop and market an ultra slims brand, much like their successful Capri cigarettes, that would have appeal to both men and women. The target audience was described in an undated report as: Middle Class (White/Pink Collar) and Socially Concerned. B&W felt these smokers would view the "slimness of Janus as directly consonant with low tar delivery and less sidestream" so that "use of Janus will alleviate much of the guilt and frustration these smokers are experiencing (when smoking around friends and family)." [1]

This project is not to be confused with the British American Tobacco Company's Project Janus - BAT. From 1965 to 1978, Battelle Memorial Laboratory conducted a series of experiments called Project Janus for BATCo. These experiments "used mouse-skin paintings to determine the carcinogenicity of various tobaccos and tobacco substitutes." [2]

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