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Project BioSense is "still in its infancy. It is intended to reduce the lag time between the detection of a possible bio-agent and an appropriate response. Distinct from Project BioWatch, but integrated in function, Project BioSense relies upon multiple streams of information to facilitate rapid decision-making. Monitored parameters will include environmental data from Project BioWatch, epidemiological information from hospitals administered by the Department of Defense and the Veteran's Administration, reports from pharmacies across the nation, and other sources of relevant syndromic and non-traditional data. All this information will converge at CDC's Biointelligence Center, first for analysis, and then, if warranted, for coordinated response. Having this single center examine data from many different sources permits the detection of patterns and anomalies that may not be apparent through other means. Moreover, the CDC has long been entrusted with both gathering information from and disseminating information to front-line health-care providers. This new role is a logical extension of that mission, in which the CDC will work hand-in-glove with clinicians at the local level to determine if an emergency response is warranted, and the necessary magnitude of that action."

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