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This 6 page planning document, found in the files of Ted Lattanzio (Director of Philip Morris Worldwide Regulatory Affairs c. 1994), lists strategies and budgets for fighting public health laws to end smoking in workplaces and public places. Page 4 describes a strategy for dealing with information about how childrens' health is disproportionately affected by exposure secondhand smoke:

"Shift the debate on ETS [environmental tobacco smoke] and children to: Are our schools and day care centers making children sick?"

Tactics proposed for this strategy include:

Feed available information to National School Board Association in D.C. Feed information to Oprah, et. al. Get sick children on the shows. Research newspaper clippings of parents who keep children at home because of school environment--pass those on. Why? Shift the debate. Why is EPA not spending research dollars on solving school problem?? I have the research budget for next year--not very much is going to identify or solve the school problem. Get information to EPA Watch.

Philip Morris' estimated budget for the blaming program was $100,000.

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