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Piers Corbyn is the brother of Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn. His degree is in physics from Imperial College, London, [1] He prefers to describe himself as an astrophyscicst.[2].

He is a London-based meteorologist who claims that he has a system enabling him to predict the weather with accuracy months in advance. He claims that his "solar weather technique" uses "predictable aspects of solar activity—particle and magnetic effects from the Sun to make weather forecasts MANY MONTHS ahead." [19]

He keeps the details of his methodology for making predictions a secret, and has been criticized for making unfounded claims about the power of his predictions, even after they turned out to be inaccurate. He has never published accuracy figures for his weather forecasts. [3]

He is an advisor to the Campaign to Repeal the Climate Change Act ( repealtheact.org.uk )[4]

Corbyn also predicts earthquakes and volcanic eruptions [5]

Climate Change Skeptic

Corbyn is also a global warming skeptic and was a speaker at the International Conference on Climate Change (2009) hosted by the conservative Chicago-based think tank, the Heartland Institute. At The Guardian's Climategate Debate on 14th July 2010 Piers Corbyn was threatened with ejection for his heckling.[6] In September 2008 he advanced the view that the earth was cooling [7]

Disputes CO2 driving global warming

Corbyn's position on Global warming is unrealistic at best.Corbyn repeatedly refutes the CO2 connection . He states "Global Warming is over and there is no evidence that CO2 ever was, is or will be a driver of world temperatures or Climate Change - indeed evidence is the relationship is more the other way around". On Sky TV (part of the Murdoch Empire) Corbyn stated "the science shows carbon dioxide does not drive temperatures, and temperatures have been declining for the last seven years whilst carbon dioxide has gone up"[8]

Doubts about Doctorate

In the film The Great Global Warming Swindle Piers Corbyn is introduced as Doctor Piers Corbyn. There are numerous resources on the web where he is referred to as Doctor Piers Corbyn including this interview[20], the Doctor citation was disputed in a complaint to OFCOM[9]

Corbyn's wikipedia page says he "obtained a first class honours degree in physics at Imperial College London ... Following some years of activism, he studied astrophysics in 1979 at Queen Mary College, London, later examining the relationship between the Earth's weather and climate and solar activity. "[10]

Doubts surface when he is asked directly about his education . He states to wikipedia editors "Instead of speculating about me and making up things some would do well to ask me or go to source. Degrees are easy to check for example. I have a first class degree in Physics from Imperial College and an MSc In Astrophyics from Queen Mary College for example."[11] Piers Corbyn has been contacted at his office by this writer and asked to clarify whether he is a doctor or not. He has not replied.

Monckton supporter, papal inquisition

On the subject of the Hockey Stick controversy Corbyn states "For the record I concur fully with Christopher Monckton and his conclusions."

Challenges to his own pet "Solar Theory" are met with "The attacks on what the Global Warmers deem as 'solar theory' are the product of disgraceful dishonesty which marks the integrity of the scientific establishment at its lowest level since the Papal Inquisition."[12]

Piers Corbyn's science is misleading. In the same Sky TV interview mentioned above he states: "As was shown by Charles Darwin years ago, the tropical islands like the Maldives they change their level according to sea level". He is conflating tropical islands with coral atolls. The Maldives consist of islands and coral reefs and atolls, the Maldive Islands will not rise with sea level as Piers Corbyn claims.


  • It's nothing to do with mankind and those who say that are just trying to make money out of carbon trading and the like. [13]
  • These things are dictated by solar activity and the moon. [14]
  • Its nothing to do with CO2 . Those who say that have no evidence for it , there's only evidence against. They are on a gravy train. [15]
  • Ice is starting to increase again in the arctic and it has been increasing for a long time in the Antarctic. [16]
  • (On the 2003 heatwave) It has nothing to do with global warming. We have had heatwaves in the past and the average world temperatures have gone up in the last hundred years, that is correlated best with particles from the sun [17]
  • (On CRU hack)It means we do not have a reliable measure of how temperatures have changed over the last 50 or 100 years [18]

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