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Phillips Academy, also known as Andover, is a coeducational independent high school of 1,079 students, known for its academics and the diversity of its student body. Located 21 miles north of Boston, the academy was founded in 1778 and is the nation's oldest incorporated boarding school.

Notable Alumni and Alumnae

Class of 1988:

  • Hafsat Abiola -- Nigerian political activist; winner, 1999 Women to Watch award, Association of Women's Development

Class of 1986:

  • Chris Bischof -- Educator; founder, Eastside College Preparatory School, East Palo Alto, Calif., for disadvantaged students

Class of 1985:

  • Patrick J. Kennedy -- U.S. Representative, Democrat-Rhode Island
  • Theresa Koff -- Writer, producer, NBC-TV's Law & Order

Class of 1984:

  • Melissa Bradley -- Senior editor, Town & Country magazine
  • Christopher A. Wray -- Chief of the U.S. Justice Department's Criminal Division

Class of 1982:

  • Kathryn L. Mulvey -- Social activist, executive director of Infact, public interest group that targets corporate abuse

Class of 1981:

  • Brian Henson -- President, Jim Henson Productions
  • Ming Tsai -- Chef; star of public television's Simply Ming; owner of Blue Ginger restaurant; author of Blue Ginger: East Meets West Cooking with Ming Tsai.

Class of 1980:

  • Willow Bay-- CNN News anchor

Class of 1979:

Class of 1978:

  • Dan Zanes -- Recording artist; member of the Del Fuegos; most recent CDs of children's music, House Party, Night Time!, Family Dance
  • James Spader -- Actor; Best Actor Award, 1989 Cannes Film Festival
  • Robert Smythe -- Founder, artistic director, Mum Puppettheatre; 1998 Guggenheim Fellow

Class of 1976:

  • Stacy Schiff -- Pulitzer Prize winner for biography, Vera

Class of 1975:

  • Heather White -- Founder ofVerite, non-profit organization that monitors factory conditions for goods produced by child labor and sweatshops

Class of 1974:

  • Jonathan H. Alter -- Senior editor/columnist, Newsweek; contributing correspondent, NBC News
  • Ian Baker -- Himalayan explorer, Buddhist scholar, photographer, author; discovered Hidden Falls of Tsangpo; named National Geographic Explorer for the Millennium
  • Tom Chapin (d.) -- Band leader and composer, The Thomas Chapin Trio; former musical director, Lionel Hampton Band
  • Franklin L. Lavin -- U.S. ambassador to Singapore
  • Peter Sellars -- Opera, theatre, film director; MacArthur Fellow and Emmy Award winner; former artistic director, Los Angeles Festival and American National Theatre

Class of 1973:

  • Dana Delany -- Actress, producer; winner of Emmy Awards in 1989 and 1992 for ABC-TV's China Beach

Class of 1972:

  • Michael R. Beschloss -- Award-winning historian; author; Annenberg senior fellow; director, Annenberg Project on Television and U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Kenneth J. Cooper -- Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe reporter

Class of 1971:

  • H.G. "Buzzy" Bissinger III -- Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist; author
  • John Hess -- Chairman & CEO, Amerada Hess Corp.
  • Toby Lineaweaver -- Executive director, Penikese Island School, Cape Cod, Mass., for at-risk boys and juvenile felons

Class of 1970"

  • William S. "Bill" Belichick -- 2003 Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year; head coach, New England Patriots, Super Bowl XXXVI Champions
  • John "Jeb" Bush -- Governor of Florida
  • Lincoln D. Chafee -- U.S. Senator, Republican-Rhode Island

Class of 1969:

  • William Ury -- Best-selling author, Getting to Yes; international peace negotiator

Class of 1968:

  • David B. Ensor -- CNN correspondent
  • James Shannon -- Former U.S. Representative, Massachusetts; former Massachusetts attorney general
  • Evan Thomas -- Assistant managing editor, Newsweek; author, Robert Kennedy: His Life

Class of 1967:

Class of 1966:

  • Julia Alvarez -- Critically acclaimed poet, novelist; author of How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents; professor of English, Middlebury College
  • Ann McKeever Hatch -- Founder, Oxbow School, Napa Valley, Calif., high school art immersion program; philanthropist; founder, Capp Street Project, San Francisco

Class of 1965:

  • William E. "Bill" Littlefield Jr. -- Host of NPR's Only a Game; author; award-winning journalist; sports commentator

Class of 1964:

  • Mary Wilkes Eubanks -- Botanist; senior research scientist, Duke University; president, Sun Dance Genetics
  • Jeffrey K. MacNelly (d.) -- Creator of Shoe cartoon; editorial cartoonist; winner of two Pulitzer Prizes

Class of 1963:

  • Richard H. Brodhead -- President, Duke University
  • George W. Bush -- President of the United States
  • Jeffrey Garten -- Dean, Yale School of Management
  • Clay Johnson III -- Deputy director, U.S. Office of Management and Budget
  • Seth A. Mydans -- New York Times foreign correspondent
  • Thomas S. Seligson -- CBS producer; writer of Parade Magazine profiles
  • Peter P. Smith -- Founding president, California State University, Monterey Bay; former Vermont state senator, lieutenant governor and Member of Congress
  • Richard A. Wolf -- Creator, executive producer, NBC-TV's Law & Order, Law & Order Special Victims Unit, Wolf Films

Class of 1962:

  • Tracy Kidder -- Pulitzer Prize-winning author; novelist
  • Paul Monette (d.) -- Writer; poet; AIDS activist; English teacher; winner, National Book Award for Becoming a Man: Half a Life Story

Class of 1961:

  • Fitzgerald B. Bramwell -- Vice president for research and graduate studies, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, University of Kentucky

Class of 1960:

  • George Pieczenik -- Biochemist in genetic research; associate professor at Rutgers University

Class of 1959:

  • John Darnton -- Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent, New York Times
  • Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey -- Former director, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Clinton administration; four-star Army general and Desert Storm commander; teacher of national securities studies at West Point
  • W. Bradford Reynolds -- Former U.S. assistant attorney general, Reagan administration

Class of 1958:

  • [[L. Paul Bremer|Paul "Jerry" Bremer -- Presidential envoy to Iraq, appointed by President George W. Bush; former ambassador to the Netherlands and President Ronald Reagan's ambassador-at-large for counterterrorism
  • Constance Brinckerhoff -- Molecular biologist; professor, Dartmouth Medical School; recipient of Merit award from National Institutes of Health
  • William D. Nordhaus -- Economist; member of the Council of Economic Advisors, Carter administration

Class of 1957:

  • William Hamilton -- Syndicated New Yorker cartoonist; author; playwright
  • Nicholas J. Nicholas Jr. -- Former president and co-CEO, TIME-Warner, Inc.

Class of 1956:

  • Ted Forstmann -- Founding general partner, N.Y. investment firm Forstmann Little & Co.; co-founder, Children's Scholarship Fund
  • George M. Whitesides -- Professor of chemistry, Harvard; 1998 National Medal of Science winner

Class of 1955:

  • Frank Converse -- Actor
  • A. Bartlett Giamatti (d.) -- Former president, Yale University; commissioner of baseball
  • Charles F.C. Ruff (d.) -- Chairman, Fair Labor Association; White House Counsel during Clinton impeachment trial; member of Watergate Special Prosecution Force

Class of 1954:

  • Raymond C. Clevenger III -- Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  • David L. Gunn -- President, Amtrak

Class of 1953:

  • Leslie H. Blank Jr. -- Award-winning independent documentary film maker
  • Louis J. Elsas II -- Director, Division of Medical Genetics, Emory University School of Medicine; president, Association of Professors of Human and Medical Genetics
  • Hollis W. Frampton Jr. (d.) -- Internationally-known film maker
  • Edith Williamson Kean -- Director of landscape design for Green Thumb, New York City Parks and Recreation Department
  • Lucy Lippard -- Cultural critic; feminist; theorist; political activist; author, On the Beaten Track: Tourism, Art and Place
  • Robert B. Semple Jr. -- Associate editor, editorial page, New York Times; Pulitzer Prize winner for environmental editorial writing
  • Frank Stella --Leading American abstract artist in painting and metal reliefs
  • Audrey Synnott -- Sister of Mercy; coordinator of sisters' associates program serving healthcare facilities and schools

Class of 1952:

  • Carl Andre -- Internationally-known sculptor
  • Robert H. Pelletreau Jr. -- Ambassador to Tunisia; U.S. liaison with PLO
  • Shelby Tucker -- Travel author, Among Insurgents: Walking Through Burma; world traveler and adventurer

Class of 1951:

  • Edward E. Elson -- Former ambassador to Denmark
  • Gordon Lish -- Influential literary figure; author, Krupp's Lulu; Guggenheim Fellowship recipient; founder of two literary magazines; teacher

Class of 1950:

  • Anthony Quainton -- President, CEO, National Policy Association; former director general, U.S. Foreign Service; former ambassador to Central African Empire, Nicaragua, Kuwait, Peru.

Class of 1949:

  • Prof. David Pingree -- MacArthur Award-winning Brown University classicist
  • Chris Weatherley-White -- Plastic surgeon with Operation Smile, bringing reconstructive surgery to children in Third World nations

Class of 1948:

  • Justin W. Dart Jr. (d.) -- Advocate for rights of disabled people; primary force behind Americans with Disabilities Act; Medal of Freedom recipient
  • James P. McLane -- Olympic swimming champion; winner of three gold and one silver medals at 1948 and 1952 Olympics; International Swimming Hall of Fame

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas -- Author Class of 1947

David Nathan, M.D. -- President emeritus of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Alexander B. Trowbridge -- U.S. Secretary of Commerce under President Lyndon Johnson; former president, National Association of Manufacturers Thomas H. Wyman (d.) -- Former chairman and CEO of CBS Class of 1946

Otis Chandler -- Former publisher, Los Angeles Times John D. Macomber -- Former president, Celanese Corporation; chairman, Export-Import Bank of U.S. Class of 1945

Broughton H. Bishop -- Chairman, CEO, Pendleton Woolen Mills Marvin Minsky -- Authority on artificial intelligence, computers, robotics Class of 1944

William W. Boeschenstein -- Retired chairman, CEO and president, Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation Victor K. Kiam (d.) -- President, Remington Products, Inc.; former owner, New England Patriots football team Whitney Stevens -- Former chairman, J.P. Stevens Co. Class of 1943

Capt. (ret.) Thomas J. Hudner Jr. -- Recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor; commissioner of Veterans Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Jack Lemmon (d.) -- Academy Award-winning actor in Mister Roberts and Save the Tiger; Emmy Award winner for TV miniseries Tuesdays with Morrie. Class of 1942

George Bush -- Former President of the United States George W. Bush William Sloane Coffin Jr. -- Minister, Riverside Church, New York; former chaplain, Yale; civil rights proponent and peace activist Class of 1941

Richard L. Gelb -- Former chairman, Bristol-Myers Co. Robert C. Macauley -- Founder and director, Americares, international relief agency Class of 1940

Walter J.P. Curley -- Ambassador to France; former ambassador to Ireland William B. Macomber Jr. -- Former president of Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; former U.S. ambassador to Turkey Daniel R. Pinkham Jr. -- Internationally-known composer Class of 1938

George C. Tooker -- Internationally-known painter Class of 1937

L. Stanton Williams -- Former president of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries Class of 1935

William S. Knowles -- Winner of Nobel Prize in chemistry Robert W. Sarnoff (d.) -- Former president, RCA and NBC Class of 1934

Harlan Cleveland -- Director, Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs; former U.S. ambassador to NATO Class of 1933

Robert Ingersoll -- Deputy secretary of state under President Nixon; former U.S. ambassador to Japan Gerard Piel -- Former publisher and president, Scientific American Herbert Scoville (d.) -- Nuclear physicist, Los Alamos; chief scientist in President Kennedy's U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Class of 1932

William S. Beinecke -- Former chairman of the board, The Sperry & Hutchinson Co. Ring Lardner Jr. (d.) -- Author, Hollywood screen writer (MASH) Richard A. Moore (d.) -- Ambassador to Ireland; president, Western Broadcasting Lovett C. Peters -- Founder, Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research William L. Veeck Jr. (d.) -- Owner, Chicago White Sox Class of 1931

Arthur Murray Preston (d.)-- Recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor for action as World War II torpedo boat commander Lyman Spitzer Jr. (d.)-- International leader in space astronomy, plasma physics; designer of Copernicus, first telescope-bearing satellite; NASA named Spitzer Space Telescope for him William S. Vickery (d.)-- Nobel Prize-winning economist Class of 1930

Rear Admiral (ret.) Richard H. O'Kane (d.) -- Recipient of Congressional Medal of Honor; author Class of 1929

Despina Plakias Messinesi -- Former travel editor, fashion editor, Vogue magazine Class of 1928

Gerhard A. Gesell (d.) -- U.S. District Judge, District of Columbia; prominent in Watergate, Oliver North trials Thomas C. Mendenhall (d.) -- Former president, Smith College Class of 1927

William Davis Taylor (d.) -- Former publisher, chairman of the board, Boston Globe Class of 1926

Beaumont Newhall (d.) -- Photo historian; founder, Department of Photography, Museum of Modern Art, New York Class of 1925

James Ramsey Ullman (d.) -- Author, The White Tower; chronicler of mountaineering Class of 1922

Walker Evans (d.) -- Photographer; won fame for Depression-era photos in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men Class of 1921

Joseph Cornell (d.) -- Internationally-known artist; best know for his "box" art Benjamin Spock, M.D. (d.) -- Author; authority on child-rearing; anti-war activist Class of 1920

Humphrey Bogart (d.) -- Film actor Class of 1919

Elizabeth Luce Moore -- Former SUNY board president; former chair Institute for International Education and YWCA International Division Class of 1918

James Phinney Baxter (d.) -- Pulitzer Prize winner; president, Williams College Class of 1915

Philip K. Wrigley (d.) -- Manufacturer, Wrigley's Chewing Gum; owner, Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field

18th and 19th Century Alumni

(All of the following notable alumni and alumnae are deceased.)

George Hoyt Whipple 1896 -- Winner of 1933 Nobel Prize for cure for pernicious anemia

Hiram Bingham 1894 -- Archaeologist; rediscovered ancient ruin of Machu Picchu in Peru

Edgar Rice Burroughs 1894 -- Author of Tarzan novels

Dr. Charles Greeley Abbot 1891 -- Pioneer in astrophysics and solar energy; headed Smithsonian Institution

Henry L. Stimson 1883 -- Secretary of War under Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman; member of five presidential administrations; FDR's key adviser on atomic policy

William H. Moody 1871 -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Joseph Hardy Neesima 1867 -- Founder, Doshisha University, largest private university in Japan; first Japanese ordained Congregational minister

Richard Theodore Greener 1865 -- Teacher, editor, lawyer, diplomat; first black graduate, Harvard; law dean, Howard University; U.S. Consul, Vladivostok and Bombay

Annie Edwards, Abbot 1855 -- First woman postmaster in U.S., Rockford, Ill.

Sullivan Ballou 1849 -- Civil War major in the 2nd Rhode Island Volunteers who died at the Battle of Bull Run. His letter to his wife Sarah was featured in the PBS series, The Civil War.

Thomas P. Smith, Andover student in 1838 -- Leader in Boston's black community seeking black separatist "Smith Schools"

Frederick Law Olmsted 1838 -- Landscape architect; designed New York's Central Park

Rebecca Tyler Brown Abbot 1837 -- First assistant principal, Hampton Institute

Samuel Francis Smith, Seminary 1832 -- Wrote national hymn "America" while Andover Theological Seminary student

Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes 1825 -- Poet, literary leader and doctor

Theodore Weld 1820 -- Abolitionist; anti-slavery agitator with Edmund Quincy, Class of 1817

Horatio Greenough, student in 1814-1815 -- Designer of Bunker Hill Monument; first American sculptor of international reputation

Samuel F.B. Morse 1805 -- Inventor of telegraph, Morse code; painter and president of National Academy of Design

Josiah Quincy 1786 -- Mayor of Boston, 1823-1828; president of Harvard College, 1828-1845

John T. Kirkland 1786 -- President of Harvard, 1810-1828