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Phillip Hart "has over 15 years experience in helping organisations in both the private and public sector to communicate more effectively with their clients, both internal and external. This has helped him develop a sound understanding of the strategic issues faced by organisations. He has extensive hands-on experience leading teams of professionals and mentoring individuals engaged in complex tasks.

"His approach is highly interactive to engage participants and to highlight and explore the relevance to them of the new ideas and skills. Where appropriate, he uses a Constructivist approach: first he helps participants identify their current conceptions, then challenges those in the light of the desired outcomes of the training, and then helps them build better conceptual frameworks and perspectives.

"Phillip also has particular skills and experience in user-centred design of online communication channels such as websites and intranets, and in user experience design, needs analysis and opportunity generation, and usability testing and remediation.

"Phillip’s professional involvements include being an Accredited Mediator on the LEADR Panel of Mediators, a frequent participant in professional workshops and conferences. He is a member of the St James Ethics Centre. He has been an active member of the Australian Chapter Committee of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), and was Program Chair for IAP2’s 2005 Asia Pacific conference, “Risks and Rewards in Public Participation”, and a member of the State Committee of OXFAM." [1]

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