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Peter Leyden, according to his official bio, "is the Director of the New Politics Institute, responsible for developing a diverse network of strategists from many different fields to help progressives take advantage of today’s massive changes in technology, media and demographics. Leyden comes from Global Business Network, a futures research and strategic consulting firm that pioneered the use of a diverse networks of high capacity individuals. He worked for years at the center of GBN’s network of more than 100 technologists, scientists, academics, entrepreneurs, business strategists, and artists. Leyden previously worked as the managing editor at the original Wired magazine that helped drive the digital revolution and pioneered the early online new media. He has worked as a journalist at several newspapers and as a special correspondent in Asia for Newsweek magazine. Leyden is the coauthor of two books, The Long Boom and What's Next? ..." .

Peter Leyden is the Knowledge Developer at Global Business Network, "helping to identify and share key ideas emerging within GBN and its extended network." [1] His articles appear on the GBN website at [2]

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