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People in Need (PIN) "is a Czech organization that provides relief aid and development assistance, while working to defend human rights and democratic freedom. At home, People in Need administers social integration programs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and provides informative and educational activities. PIN is one of the largest organizations of its kind in post-communist Europe, and has administered projects in thirty-seven countries over the past fourteen years.

"What is PIN today began in 1992 when dissidents and leaders of the Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution teamed with conflict journalists to form the Epicentrum Foundation, renamed People in Need and partnered with Czech Public Service Television 1994. From its beginnings, PIN has aimed to deliver relief aid and development assistance while raising the public’s level of awareness of the countries in which PIN works. Over fourteen years, PIN has developed many public awareness campaigns aimed at providing independent and unbiased information for journalists, opinion makers and the general public. Through campaigns, information projects and media supplements PIN believes it is possible to support an informed and empowered civil society both at home and abroad." [1]


They received a $75,000 grant from the NED in 2004 for work in Iraq "To increase cross border cooperation with a pilot mentoring program. PINF will assist nascent Iraqi NGOs to build their technical and managerial capacity. NGO experts from Central Eastern European countries with technical skills matching the needs of the Iraqi groups will be identified and placed as mentors with appropriate Iraqi NGOs."

The following year they received a further $100,000 from the NED "To continue its NGO training and capacity building program for nascent Iraqi NGOs. PIN will provide two weeks of NGO management training in Amman, Jordan for 30 Iraqi NGOs and select 15 recipients for small grants of Amount $2,500. These NGOs will attend a two-week advanced project management training in Amman before returning to Iraq to implement the grant activities." [2]

Long-term Support

"We thank to our long-term partners for their continued support: [3]

According to their 2005 Annual Report, in 2005 they received $169,454 from the NED. It is also interesting that they received $7,137 from the American Friends Service Committee, $2,517 from Reporters without Borders, and $85,502 from the Center for a Free Cuba.



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