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"Peet Louw founded NIKAO Network Ministry in 1997. He was in full-time ministry for 7 years and in this time he completed various project management, marketing management and budgeting courses as well as various other courses.

"He had hands-on training in a wide spectrum of activities, from grassroots community projects to national and international marketing initiatives and relations. In 2003 he was approached by Eternal Pictures to market and launch the film "The Lazarus Phenomenon" throughout South Africa, America, England and Europe. Peet returned to South Africa in 2004 and established Christian Resource Network, a one-stop Christian DVD resource distribution and marketing company. In 2006 Peet was approached by Global Creative Studios to manage the church and rural screenings for "Faith Like Potatoes", and he did this as part of a bigger marketing team. Later on his responsibilities increased and included managing a call centre, retail distribution and rental distribution for "Faith Like Potatoes". Humble Pie Entertainment was established in March 2007 by Peet Louw and Pieter Pohl as directors. Peet is the co-founder and sole owner of Humble Pie Entertainment, the founder and owner of Truth Inc. Peet founded and co-founded various other marketing and business concepts over the past few years and is dedicated to impact people's lives through whatever means with the truth, so that they are able to make informed choices in their lives. Peet is passionate about media and believes in networking and joining forces with likeminded individuals to be more effective.

"He is the founder and chairman of Newturn Foundation NPC, a registered not-for profit organisation in South Africa. He manage various projects and initiatives under the foundation. After a nationwide awareness campaign and film releases about clean energy and a nutritional appraoch in restoring health, the Wellness & Lifestyle Centre was formed and been runing for the past 3 years. The vision is to initiate the nationwide awareness campaign agian and establish Wellness Centes in South Africa and in Africa to make the truth and services more accesable to everyone. He believes that the "health industry" is moving towards the wellness side and the only lasting and effective way is the natural way, not the alternative way, but the origanal way. Understanding the body and its needs, then supplying the body, the human being in all its needs to enable the body to heal itself." [1]

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