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The Peanut Corporate of Amercia (PCA) is at the center of the U.S.'s largest food recall due to salmonella contamination in their Georgia facility.[1]

Recent examinations of PCA's other facilities in the U.S. has encountered sanitation problems, causing closure of such facilities (e.g. Texas).[citation needed]

The problems of PCA has raised serious concerns about the nations, federal and state, sanitation and health inspection programs.[citation needed]

On its website PCA stated that "certain recent events have made it necessary for Peanut Corporation of America to seek protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. Effective immediately, all corporate operations will cease. Any questions regarding the company or the operations of its affiliates, Plainview Peanut Co, LLC and Tidewater Blanching, LLC, should be forwarded to Mr. Andy Goldstein, the company's bankruptcy council at 540-343-9800."[2]

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