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The Peace Alliance Foundation works "to inspire and empower civic engagement for a culture of peace," through:[citation needed]

  • Global Engagement - Foster and participate in the growing international grassroots movement for a culture of peace.
  • Civic Engagement - Empower and promote civic engagement through peace education and training, and promoting and sponsoring events and programs that foster and demonstrate taking action for a culture of peace.
  • Peace Registry - Through research and information clearinghouse services, enhance awareness and understanding of a culture of peace, including the extent to which it already exists, and provide capabilities for networking and co-working among and with individuals and organizations working for a culture of peace.


The Peace Alliance Foundation began life in 2000 as the Global Renaissance Alliance, with the purpose to educate the public about current events, to bring about civic betterment and social improvement, and to promote the common good and general welfare of the community. In January 2005, the organization officially took on its new name of The Peace Alliance Foundation.[citation needed]


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