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Pax World Service

"In 1970, humanitarians Luther Tyson and Jack Corbett created the original Pax World Balanced Fund so that socially conscious investors could realize both sound financial returns and a positive social impact. The same year, they established Pax World Service, a non-profit philanthropic organization that allows Pax World Balanced Fund investors to designate a portion of their investment earnings or make direct contributions to international relief and development organizations like Mercy Corps. The results have been remarkable: between 1998 and 2005, Pax World Funds investors contributed more than $800,000 to Mercy Corps programs.

"The last two decades, especially, have seen amazing - and world-changing - collaboration between Pax World Service and Mercy Corps." [1]

"Since 1971, Pax World Service has worked toward a more just and equitable world by initiating and supporting innovative, catalytic programs that encourage peacemaking, citizen diplomacy and sustainable development." [2]


Web: (forwards on to Mercy Corps)