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Paul Cristian Radu, "Romania, is the former head of the investigative department of Evenimentul Zilei, a daily paper in Bucharest. He now works independently through the Romanian Center for Investigative Journalism (RCIJ), an organization he co-founded with two other journalists. From June to December 2001, Radu joined the investigative projects team at the San Antonio Express-News as an Alfred Friendly fellow. In 2002 he was a Milena Jesenska Press fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, Austria, where he researched transnational organized crime groups. In the past few years, Radu uncovered the trafficking of human beings in the Balkans as well as the ties between various organized crime groups and the mining and energy sector in Romania. He won a 2004 Knight International Press Fellowship Award and was the coordinator of a cross-border investigative project that won the 2007 Global Shining Light award. Radu is currently an investigative journalism trainer and investigative projects coordinator across Central and Eastern Europe." [1]

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