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Patrick Maugein is the Non-Executive Chairman of SOCO International plc and has been a member of the Board since July 1999. Maugein is also Chairman of the Nominations Committee and has "developed a portfolio of private investments in several industries." [1]

Oil-for-Food Program

"The publication, Sunday January 25 by Iraqi daily newspaper Al-Mada, of a list of 270 people or companies being allotted barrels of oil by the regime of Saddam Hussein creates a sharp polemic. Eleven French, such as Charles Pasqua and Patrick Maugein, are quoted by name."


The following come from the Free Republic message boards which follow the Le Monde January 29, 2004, article "Before the War, the Sale of Iraqi Oil Enriched a Multitude of Intermediaries":

  • "Patrick Maugein .. This is a friend of Chirac... Chirac didn't get this far ....he knows how to use a cut out...oil was given to Maugein who in turn sold it and turned over the profits to old Jackie ..... there has to be a Swiss bank account with his name on it."
  • "Patrick Maugein ... He recieved 25 million barrels."
  • "Reference Maugein: A friend claims he is in London to oversee Soco International Co., an oil operation that he founded. This is a very silent operation run by some very big bugs (see Soco homesite on the web). ... It is possible that Soco may have been used as a vehicle to move Iraqi oil. If so, Mr. John Snyder of Snyder Oil Co., and likely others, may have some 'splaining to do."
  • "The Baghdad newspaper Al-Mada published Sunday a list of the oil contracts signed by Somo (official organization of marketing of oil) in 1998, which includes the names of approximately two hundred international personalities. They include at least two Prime Ministers and two Foreign Ministers, as well as high-ranking politicians, journalists, and the sons of ministers and Heads of State. Four French names were quoted by the Iraqi newspaper: Charles Pasqua; the businessman Patrick Maugein; Michel Grimard, president of the Franco Arab Association for Friendship, and the former diplomat Bernard Mérimée. 'I naturally did not receive anything from Mr. Saddam Hussein, neither oil nor anything', declared Charles Pasqua. Present also on the list, Patrick Maugein, leader of International Soco, also denied." --from Le Figaro, January 28, 2004.
  • "Soco International: oil and gas from across the world ... Soco is an oil and gas prospection, exploration and production company with a diverse portfolio and a permanent eye on new international potential, favouring long term sites over deposits soon at the end of their useful life. Active in Libya, Vietnam, Mongolia, North Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Yemen, Soco now has a significant offer of over 8,100 barrels of oil a day (a barrel is equivalent to 159 litres of oil)."
  • "Africa econ intelligence sites call Maugein an 'advisor to the French Government'. The former bullfighter is also called a speculator, commodities trader, and a man who wants privacy. When French investigative author Jean Montaldo published something he didn't like, he sued the author for slander (outcome pending). As for Snyder, as I recall he was the first man to offer George Bush a job."

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