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Patricia Powers Thomson "is USIP’s executive vice president, its second-ranking officer. In this position, Thomson leads USIP’s internal management team, oversees and integrates substantive programs, and manages growth.

"She was previously the partner in charge of the Justice and Courts Account at IBM Business Consulting (previously PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting) in Washington, D.C., where she provided management expertise to a broad range of state, federal, and international clients, including the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, State, and Defense.

"Thomson’s areas of expertise include strategic planning, organizational design, and business operations. She has also written extensively on performance management issues. Thomson was a member of Vice President Gore’s task force on reinventing government (the National Performance Review) and was the assistant director of evaluation at the Corporation for National and Community Service, where she played an instrumental role in the start-up of Americorps. She served for four years in the U.S. Navy Civil Engineer Corps. Thomson has lived and worked in Portugal, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe.

"She holds a B.S. in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s in public policy from Harvard University." [1]

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