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Pajamas Media was co-founded in 2004 by two Los Angeles bloggers, Charles Johnson[1] and Roger L. Simon.[2] As projected, Pajamas Media assumed a new identity as Open Source Media (OSM™), which launched its "online media portal" November 16, 2005.[3]

Name Change ... Again
On November 21, 2005, Open Source Media announced[4] that it was "re-assuming" its identity as Pajamas Media.

Also see "The End of the Name Game" by Open Source Radio, November 22, 2005.

Overview: Pajamas Media

Pajamas Media was described as "a corporate advertising service which will sell ads to advertisers 'en masse'." [1]

In May 2005, Simon told Tech Central Station that the purpose of Pajamas Media is twofold: "The first is to give bloggers access to more advertising revenue -- in addition to what many bloggers are receiving from Henry Copeland's BlogAds. The second is to develop a Blog News Network that will do what many bloggers fear Google will no longer do; aggregate blog posts on various topics and present them for bloggers and blog readers to peruse and search through."

Conflicts of interest?

On October 29, 2005, two members of Pajamas Media's Editorial Board, Michael Barone and David Corn, appeared together on Fox News as journalists providing opposite viewpoints without identifying their shared business relationship in Pajamas Media.


Johnson and Simon, following their first-hand experience of "two events that marked the growing influence of blogs on society: a blog-driven investigation into the United Nations Oil for Food scandal and another into the falsified military records cited by CBS News in coverage of President George W. Bush." [2]

"[A]lready friends via their blogs, Little Green Footballs and Roger L. Simon ... as they talked to other participants in the ever-expanding blogosphere, an idea began to take shape.

"After spending several months developing a model to support a dramatic new publishing medium, they announced in the summer of 2005 that their venture was a go. Their plan will provide an online place where readers and thoughtful bloggers can come together to be informed, to explore issues of the day, and to have fun. Key details of the plan are still under wraps. For now, the co-founders will say only that there will be a significant unveiling in the fall of 2005." [3]


Current list of bloggers who have signed up with Pajamas Media OSM.

Beginning in September 2005, Pajamas Media provided profiles of the bloggers who had signed up for its services. Among the profiles are:

Pajamas Media OSM Editorial Advisory Board

As of November 23, 2005, the following names are listed as members of the advisory board:

According to an October 17, 2005, news release published by PR Newswire, the editorial board consisted of:

"Pajamas Media today revealed that its editorial board members and contributors include 'Instapundit' Glenn Reynolds, one of the world's most-read bloggers; CNBC's Larry Kudlow, blogger and host of 'Kudlow & Company'; Michael Barone, blogger and senior writer, U.S. News & World Report; David Corn, blogger, columnist and Washington, D.C. editor for The Nation; and Claudia Rosett, a prize-winning journalist and blogger central to breaking the United Nations' 'Oil for Food' controversy.
"Other luminaries on Pajamas' current roster of editorial board members include: [as written in the news release]
  • Tammy Bruce, an author, former president of the National Organization for Women's Los Angeles chapter, host of 'The Tammy Bruce Show,' flag-shipped at KABC-AM (Los Angeles) and heard on more than 160 affiliates, and the personality behind
  • John Podhoretz, a New York Post columnist, Fox News contributor, and blogger for the National Review Online's 'The Corner'
  • Richard Fernandez, a Sydney, Australia-based software developer and author of the widely-read 'Belmont Club' blog
  • Jane Hall, an assistant professor at American University's School of Communication and weekly panelist of Fox News Watch
  • Dr. Michael Ledeen, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and expert on U.S. foreign policy
  • Clifford D. May, a veteran news reporter, foreign correspondent and editor at The New York Times, and currently president of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on terrorism
  • Tim Blair, an Australia-based blogging pioneer and author of 'Tim Blair'
  • Marc Cooper, an award-winning author, journalist, and contributor for the The Nation, and author of 'Marc Cooper'
  • Mark Steyn, a noted, internationally syndicated journalist covering global politics and current affairs
  • Adam Bellow, a widely-respected Random House editor and son of Nobel Prize-winner Saul Bellow

Pajamas Media OSM Staff

See Pajamas Media OSM Staff Profiles.

Contact details

Pajamas Media OSM Los Angeles headquarters
100 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 275
El Segundo, CA 90245
Telephone: 877 676-2564
Email: editors AT

Note: As of November 23, 2005, there had been no change to Pajamas Media OSM's web address or web links.


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