Other Ways To Reach The Target

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Other Ways To Reach The Target

This R.J. Reynolds marketing document are notes taken at a brainstorming session for a new brand of cigarette called "Dakota," which was going to be R.J. Reynolds' answer to Marlboro. The idea was to market it in a way that would appeal to the typical Marlboro smokers: young people. In this document, tobacco marketing people brainstorm about ways to sell Dakota cigarettes to young people. The idea was to appeal to people who graduated high school, but did not continue on to college.

Some sample ideas:

  • Mt. Rushmore. Build a Dakota Landmark.
  • Give freed convicts a gift pack.
  • Sexy lingerie parties -- cheap jewelry parties
  • In Bars: ... Pissing contest for girls
  • The first cigarette you can't buy on Sunday -- says it must be wicked, makes you

want to be rebellious.

  • Photo booth does fake college ID's
  • Do fake college diplomas
  • Seminars in beer guzzling
  • Make it anti-college with varsity jackets that are dart boys
  • Cheerleader voo doo dolls

Date 19891002
Bates 507176999/7016
Pages 18
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/iuh28c00

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