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Osteoporosis Australia describes itself as "the premier consumer body in the bone arena." [1]

It states that its mission is "to reduce the incidence of Osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures in the Australian Community by 15% by the year 2010." [2] On its website it states that its key objectives are:

  • Establish Osteoporosis as a major health issue
  • Increase awareness of Osteoporosis throughout Australia
  • Improve prevention & management strategies
  • Increase GP & other health professionals understanding of Osteoporosis
  • Act as an effective lobby voice in federal Government
  • Fund research in bone metabolism and related issues



  • Doctor John Hewson, Chairman
  • Naseema Sparks, Acting CEO
  • Professor Peter Ebeling, Medical Director
  • Michael Coleman, Treasurer
  • Professor Rebecca Mason
  • Professor Philip Sambrook
  • Barbara Holborow OAM
  • Ralph Evans
  • Heather Zampatti
  • Michael Herring
  • Helen Cody


OA provides few details of its funding on its website though it does disclose that:

  • the Bones and Joints Schools Kit it produces which is aimed at primary schools is sponsored by Kraft Singles;
  • its "Falls and Fracture Kit" which is "designed for retirement villages and other residential care" is sponsored by Aventis Pharma. [3]

In 2003, Professor David Henry of the University of Newcastle questioned their closeness to corporate interests: "they get 70 per cent of their funding from commercial corporations, 25 per cent from other corporate sources – that's a total of 95 per cent of their income, apparently from corporate sources, and only 5 per cent from membership fees".[1]

The Wyeth website says it "currently" (as of 2010) funds OA to the tune of $100,000 per year.[2] Wyeth are the makers of Caltrate, a calcium supplement promoted which they claim "assists in preventing & treating osteoporosis".[3]

As of August 2010, the Supporters page of the OA website has blanked out content as it appears in web browsers. However, the source of the page reveals the names of supporters:

  • Major Supporters: Dairy Australia, Amgen, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Sanofi Aventis, Novartis, P & G Pharmaceuticals, Warner Chilcott, Merck Sharp & Dohme
  • General Supporters: Blackmores, Servier, Caltrate, OsteVit-D, Novartis, Ethical Nutrients
  • Research Supporters: Macquarie Bank Group, Amgen, Wicking Trust, The Myer Foundation
  • Donations in kind: Macquarie Bank Group, Lanier Australia
  • Donations from sales: Personal Porter

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Contact Details

Osteoporosis Australia
Level 1, 52 Parramatta Road
Forest Lodge NSW 2037
G.P.O. Box 121
Sydney NSW 2001


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