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Colonel (Ret.) Oliver Perry Ditch served 22 years in the U.S. Air Force. [1][2]

Although his donations were small ones, Ditch contributed to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.


"Since the rise of the Internet, cyber-squatters have tried to profit from a candidate's name, or grind an ax against their foes," Christina Bellantoni reported October 18, 2004, in the Washington Times.

"Oliver Ditch, a 67-year-old retired Web developer who lives in Woodbridge, Va., owns vetsforbush.com and momsforbush.com. Mr. Ditch, who volunteers for his local Republican Party, is not looking to profit but instead is looking to help President Bush," Bellantoni wrote.

"Mr. Ditch also owns jebcondi2008.com, in speculation that in four years, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice might share a Republican ticket.

"He advises potential candidates to think ahead," Bellantoni wrote. "'If they have any inkling they might be running, they ought to buy domain names that are anything close to what they are doing,' he said, including negative sites. 'The people who are against you will buy anything they can.'"



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