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OURcountry.com was founded by Lee Troxler, the writer/producer of FarenHYPE 911, and Floyd G. Brown of Citizens United and the Young America's Foundation. Speaking March 5, 2007, on behalf of OURcountry, Bo Bushnell wrote: "We launched our BETA version a month ago and will launch V2, with a great new design, in 3 weeks ... We consider ourselves the YouTube/Myspace for the conservative world (with a twist of comedy)."[1]

The home page for OURcountry.com, accessed July 2, 2007, stated "We launched in beta recently and learned a lot about what you like, what you don’t, and what’s needed next. So we’re going to tinker a little and then formally launch. See you then! The OURcountry Team."[2]


"The latest wingnut website to appear on the scene is OurCountry.com. This media-rich site purposts to be the Internet's version of the Comedy Channel's Daily Show, albeit with a lurch to the right. The home page consist of about a dozen video streams, at least half of which make fun of Hillary Clinton. At least one features the slim, trim blonde spokeswoman [i.e. Melanie Morgan ] for "MoveAmerica Forward" another right wing organization heavy into cheerleading the Bush/Cheney agenda under the guise of 'supporting the troops.' Others feature an African-American MC, in order to scream 'we're not racist, see?' at the target audience whom I figure are a panoply of Rush [Limbaugh] and Howard [Kaloogian] listeners and Maxim readers," Avram Mirsky wrote March 2, 2007, on the Muttering Jam Blog.[3]

Mirsky included the UPI news item[4] on OURcountry.com's launch:

"A Burbank, Calif.-based, self-described 'politically incorrect comedy network' launched Tuesday with comedy, games, networking and user-generated video.
"Now in a beta test, the nine-channel Ourcountry.com is a media company funded by private equity, founder Lex Troxler said in a news release.
"Troxler developed and launched Ourcountry.com after he said he noticed other sites censoring posters they didn't care for politically.
"'There ought to be a place for people who make no apologies politically, and enjoy comedy that pulls no punches,' he said.
"Some of the video shorts included 'Border Bloopers' and 'Feed the Supermodels.'
Note: A January 31, 2007, internet video magazine news release stated the following:[5]: "In beta testing, audiences aged 18-40 laughed out loud at video shorts such as The Miss 72 Virgins Contest, Border Bloopers, Feed the Supermodels, and 1-900-LIBERAL. Today OURcountry added one new exclusive to the lineup: Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show CBS Censored!"
"Ourcountry.com's development team includes Troxler, a high tech entrepreneur and producer of 'FahrenHYPE 9/11'; Gabe Abelson, a one-time comedy writer for late-night hosts Jay Leno and David Letterman, and Floyd Brown, former executive director of Young America's Foundation."

Earlier, on February 18, 2007, someone representing OURcountry posted a response to Mirsky's Muttering Jam blog article[6] on the upcoming March 17, 2007, pro-war in Iraq Gathering of Eagles event. The comment stated "It’s time to move america forward, good luck to all the pro-troop caravans, check out what OURcountry is doing to help support our troops!" This was followed up with a second comment by Bo Bushnell, who wrote: "Would you like to run a link exchange? we can link you from both our main site (www.OURcountry.com) as well as our blog (www.OURcountryblog.com).[7] We can give you a custom banner, or just a regular text link. If youd like to discuss please feel free to email me."


A WHOIS search[8] shows OURcountry.com registered January 27, 1999, through Go Daddy Software to OURcountry, LLC, PO Box 166, Burbank, California 91503. The website was last updated April 5, 2007. Domain servers are listed as NS1.IMPULSE.NET and NS2.IMPULSE.NET, which belong to Impulse Internet Services, "a local telephone and Internet services company serving small and mid-sized businesses on the Central Coast of California since 1995."[9]


An attempt on July 2, 2007, to reach OURcountrymail.com produced the following message from BulletHost.net:[10]

"Welcome to BulletHost.net. If you are reading this web page, it means that your BulletHost Hosting account has been suspended."

OURcountry.com at MySpace

The most recent update on the blog page for OURcountry.com at MySpace was December 8, 2006.[11] The most recent login for OURcountry.com at MySpace—"Male. 26 years old. Burbank, CALIFORNIA. United States."—was March 26, 2007.[12].

The location information for OURcountry.com LLC on MySpace is stated as Burbank, California.[13].

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