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Noble Group is a diversified company which desribes its nice as specialising in the production "and delivery of strategic raw materials" including "technical ship management, trade finance and coal mining running soybean crushing plants and sugar/ethanol mills in Brazil, amongst others." It has over 150 office and plant locations in 38 countries and employs over 11,000 people.[1]

Coal interests and projects

On its website the company states that it "owns coal production assets in Australia and Indonesia, and supplies a wide range of coal products from China, Russia and South Africa. We operate a sophisticated supply chain management network, including barge and ocean transportation, which is able to deliver coal products from mines and other industrial origins to the gates of our end users efficiently and cost-effectively."[2]

On its website, the Noble Group lists its interests as being:[3]

The company also has interests in a number of coal projects currently being developed including the:[4]

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