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NISHA ANAND "has been a leading trainer, activist and fundraiser in the global justice, direct action and anti-violence movements in the U.S. As a student activist she founded the annual National Conference on Organized Resistance, which is celebrating its 10th year. In 1998, Anand was arrested passing out pro-democracy leaflets in the military dictatorship of Burma and sentenced to five years in jail with 18 other international activists. This arrest led her to both nationally and internationally delivering speeches at numerous events and conferences and interviewing for radio, T.V, and the press for the Free Burma Coalition. In 1999, she received her Masters Degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the American University in Washington, DC.

"Anand was the National Field Organizer for the War Resisters League, an 85 year-old peace organization and then worked as the Director of Development at the Ruckus Society, a national direct action training organization. She was the Director of Development for San Francisco Women Against Rape. SF WAR is a women of color led anti-violence/anti-rape organization that operates from an anti-oppression framework. She facilitates trainings on Anti-Racist Organizing, Nonviolence, Grassroots Fundraising, Direct Action, and Conflict Resolution. In the past, Nisha has conducted workshops on a variety of issues including militarization, police brutality, sexual assault, and the FTAA." [1]

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