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The Nippon Foundation "was founded in 1962 as an organization that concerned itself primarily with the maritime industry. Since then, however, our sphere of activity has expanded inland from the oceans to the point where now it encompasses most of the globe. The fruits of our labor can be found from sub-Sahelian Africa, to the Malacca-Singapore Straits and the rain forests of South America. In fact, our efforts can be seen just about anywhere on earth where members of the human race live and dream. To us, this work is the obligation, and the joy, of being human." [1]




  • Yukio Kageyama - Chairman, Federation of Prefectural Associations of Motorboat Racing
  • Toshio Takeuchi - Chairman, Japan Motorboat Racing Association Mayor, Ome City
  • Tadashi Mano - Honorary Chairman, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai
  • Tadae Takubo - Visiting Professor, Kyorin University
  • Jiro Ushio - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Ushio, Inc.
  • Shoichi Watanabe - Professor Emeritus of Sophia University, Tokyo


Board of Counselors

  • Keiko Chino - Chief Editorial Writer, The Sankei Shimbun
  • Katsuji Doi - Executive Vice President, Japan Airport Terminal Co.,Ltd.
  • Katsumi Ishiguro - President, Mainichi Building, Inc.
  • Kyoko Kondo - Professor, Faculty of Policy Informatics, Chiba University of Commerce
  • Yoshio Matsui - Chairman, The Yomiuri Shimbun
  • Kenichi Matsumoto - Professor, International School of Economics and Business Administration, Reitaku University
  • Masaya Miyoshi - Chairman, Miyoshi Networks Co., Ltd.; Former President and Director General, Keidanren
  • Kosuke Nakahira - President and CEO, Shinkin Central Bank
  • Kazuo Nonaka - Chairman, Association of Professional Motorboat Racers
  • Nobuko Shimomura - President, Kairyu-sha Corporation
  • Tomio Suzuki - Chair, Committee for Ethics in Publishing
  • Tsuyoshi Takagi - President, Japanese Trade Union Confederation
  • Taro Yayama - Political Commentator
  • Kunio Yonenaga - Chairman, Japan Shogi Association; Honorary Kisei(Title Holder)




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