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Nightline is a nightly news program on the U.S. ABC network.

After a Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting study in February 1989 found a heavy bias toward white males and current or former administration officials in the Nightline guest list, host Ted Koppel told Associated Press:

What you do is bring on the architects of U.S. foreign policy and hold them to account, which is what we try to do on this broadcast. And never is it suggested that I might ask [the guests] a tough question once in a while. Never is it even suggested that if you want to critique U.S. foreign policy, you don't bring on the opponents of U.S. foreign policy and let them speak their minds.

A spokesman for Koppel gave the same response to the Washington Post when FAIR released a follow up study with similar results in May 1990.

Nightline and tobacco

Philip Morris (PM) internal emails show Nightline sought input from PM representatives for shows about tobacco issues, but that PM worked to manipulate Nightline by insisting that certain questions be asked, or by stating that PM would only appear if Nightline accepted certain guidelines, or the company had input as to who would be the opposing guest.[1][2][3][4]

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