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Nick Schulz is the Editor-in-Chief of TCS Daily (Tech Central Station).

A biographical note states that prior to joining TCS he was "the Politics Editor for, the website of the Fox News Channel. Schulz orchestrated the site's coverage of the 2000 election and the Florida deadlock." [1]

"Schulz was an award-winning television producer in Washington, DC where he was the Producer of the PBS series "Think Tank." He was Co-Producer of the PBS documentary "The Stockholder Society," which featured TCS Host Jim Glassman. And Schulz worked on several other documentary productions as well, including "Faith and Reason," "It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over: The Life of Yogi Berra," and "The First Measured Century"," the biographical note states. [2]

"Schulz is a former policy analyst with Empower America where he served as an advisor to former Secretary of Education and author William Bennett and former Vice Presidential candidate and New York Congressman Jack Kemp. He was a research assistant for Virginia Postrel on her book The Future and Its Enemies," it states. [3]

In October 2006 O'Dwyers PR Daily reported that Schulz had bought the TCS Daily site from the DCI Group.

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