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Dr. Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes is the Missouri Soybean Merchandizing Council Endowed Professor of Agribusiness Strategy and the Director of Economics and Management of Agrobiotechnology Center (EMAC) at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He earned his PhD at the University of Florida. His research focuses on "economics and strategy of agribusiness innovation, industrial organization of agrifood sector, and policy and regulation of agrifood biotechnology."[1] He is an outspoken advocate of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

"Dr. Kalaitzandonakes’ current research focuses on the economics and policy of agrifood biotechnology and other agribusiness innovations. After 15 years of research and product development, biotechnology has taken the global agrifood industry by storm. In the US and elsewhere, it has been adopted faster than any other agrifood technology on record. It has pushed along the ongoing consolidation of the global agrifood industry. And, it has confronted consumers, public officials, industry entrepreneurs, scientists, journalists, ethicists and others with complex questions on food and environmental safety, international trade, and other key issues. Dr. Kalaitzandonakes’ recent research deals with the economic and environmental impacts of biotechnology, strategic changes in the agrifood supply chain emerging from the use of biotechnology, structural change, optimal national and international biotechnology policies and regulation, consumer response to biotech foods, and issues around the communication of biotechnology. Dr. Kalaitzandonakes also works on the economics of e-commerce in the agrifood sector."[2]


Kalaitzandonakes publications include:[3]

Economics and environmental impacts of biotechnology

  • Kalaitzandonakes (ed.). Economic and Environmental Impacts of Agbiotech: A Global Perspective, Kluwer-Plenum Academic Publishers, New York, 2003.
  • Kalaitzandonakes. “The Future of Agrobiotechnology: Implications for National Competitiveness” in Agricultural Biotechnology: Challenges and Prospects, Bhalgat, M., W. Ridely, A. Felsot, and J. Seiber, (eds), Oxford University Press, Washington DC, 2003.
  • Kalaitzandonakes. “Biotechnology and agrifood industry competitiveness” in The Competitiveness of US Agriculture, W. Amponsah et. al. (Eds.), Hayworth Press, 2000.
  • Kalaitzandonakes. “Agrobiotechnology and Competitiveness” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 82(5): 1224-33, 2000.

Biotech and strategic response in the agrifood supply chain

  • Joe L. Parcell and Kalaitzandonakes. “Do Agricultural Commodity Prices Respond To Bans Against Bioengineered Crops?” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 52(2): 201-09, 2004.
  • Kalaitzandonakes and J. Bijman. “So Who’s Driving Biotech Acceptance?” Nature Biotechnology, 21(4): 336-39, 2003.
  • Kalaitzandonakes and J. Kaufman. “Innovation in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods” in The Encyclopedia of Plant and Crop Science, K. Hunt (editor), Marcel Dekker NY, 2003.
  • Kalaitzandonakes, R. Maltsbarger, and J. Barnes. “The Costs of Identity Preservation in the Global Food System” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 49: 605-615, 2001.

Biotechnology and structural change

  • Kalaitzandonakes. “Strategies and Structure in the Emerging Global Seed Industry” Biofutur, (215): 38-42, 2001.
  • Marks, L., B. Freeze, and Kalaitzandonakes. “The Agrobiotechnology Industry: A U.S. - Canadian Comparison” Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, pp. 419-431, 1999.
  • Kalaitzandonakes and M. Hayenga. "Change in the biotechnology, seed and chemical industrial complex: Theory and evidence." Transitions in Agbiotech: Economics of Strategy and Policy, Proceedings, W. Lesser and J. Caswell, Eds. 1999.
  • Kalaitzandonakes and B. Bjornson. “Vertical and Horizontal Coordination in the Agro-biotechnology Industry: Evidence and Implications” Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 29(1): 129-39, 1997.

Biotechnology policies and regulation

  • Kalaitzandonakes. "The Potential Impacts of the Biosafety Protocol on Agricultural Commodity Trade" in the International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council (IPC) Technology Issue Briefs. December 2004.
  • Kalaitzandonakes. “Another look at Biotech Regulation” Regulation, 27(1):44-50, 2004.
  • Kalaitzandonakes. “Regulating Biotechnology: GM Food Labels” in Biotechnology: Science and Society at a Crossroad, National Agricultural Biotechnology Consortium Proceedings, Cornel University, 2004.
  • Theodorakopoulou, I., and Kalaitzandonakes. “Structure and Performance of Private Public Knowledge Networks in Plant Biotechnology” in Knowledge Generation and Transfer in Agriculture. S. Wolf and D. Zilberman (Eds.) Kluwer Academic Publishers, New York, 2001.

Consumer response to biotech foods

  • Kalaitzandonakes N., L. Marks and S. Vickner. “Sentiments and Acts Towards GMOs” International Journal of Biotechnology, forthcoming.
  • Leonie A. Marks, Kalaitzandonakes and Steven S. Vickner. “Consumer purchasing behavior toward GM foods in the Netherlands” in Consumer Acceptance of Biotech Foods, R. Evenson and V. Santaniello (editors), Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishers, p. 23-29, 2004.
  • Kalaitzandonakes, L.A. Marks and S.S. Vickner. "Media Coverage of Biotech Foods, and Influence on Consumer Choice." American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 86(5): 1238-46, 2004.
  • Marks, L.A., N. Kalaitzandonakes, and S.S. Vickner. "Evaluating Consumer Response to GM Foods: Some Methodological Considerations." Current Agriculture, Food and Resource Issues 4(1): 80-94, 2003.

Biotech foods and the media

  • Marks, L., Kalaitzandonakes, L. Zakharova. “Media Coverage of Agrobiotechnology: Did the Butterfly Have an Effect?” Journal of Agribusiness, 21(1): 1-20, 2003.
  • Marks, L. A., Kalaitzandonakes, and L. Zakharova. “On the Media Roller-Coaster Will GM Foods Finish the Ride?” Choices, 34-38, Spring 2002.
  • Marks L., Kalaitzandonakes, K. Allison, and L. Zakharova. “Time Series Analysis of Risk Frames in Media Communication of Agrobiotechnology” in Market Development for Genetically Modified Agricultural Products, V. Santaniello, R.E. Evenson, and D. Zilberman (Eds.). Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishers, 2001.
  • Marks L., S Mooney, and Kalaitzandonakes. “Quantifying Scientific Risk Communications of Agrobiotechnology” in Market Development for Genetically Modified Agricultural Products, V. Santaniello, R.E. Evenson, and D. Zilberman (Eds.). Wallingford, UK: CABI Publishers, 2001.

The economics of e-commerce in the agrifood sector

  • Kaufman, J. and Kalaitzandonakes. “Electronic Trading, Structural Change and the Future of Agricultural Commodity Exchange” in E-Commerce in Agribusiness T. Smitz, et al., Iowa State University Press, forthcoming.
  • Kalaitzandonakes, J. Kaufman, and X. Wang. “Firm Entry through E-Commerce in the U.S. Agricultural Input Distribution industry” Journal on Chain and Network Science 3(2) 123-33, 2003.
  • Kalaitzandonakes, N. and J. Kaufman. “An E-merging Revolution in Agricultural Commodity Exchange?” Choices, 6-10, Spring, 2002.


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