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The National Strategy Information Center, (NSIC) "has been at the forefront of education about challenges to democratic institutions for more than forty years. Founded as a nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization in 1962, NSIC provides an environment that brings together educators, government officials, individuals from civil society, and the private sector, to identify, promote, pilot, and implement innovative strategies that enhance security and the quality of life in democratic society." [1]

Group Watch identifies the National Strategy Information Center (NSIC0 as "a rightwing think tank for military strategy. It has a history of working with hard-line, anti-Soviet groups promoting an aggressive U. S. foreign policy."[2]

Frank R. Barnett, founder and president of the NSIC, founded the organization in 1962 with Morris Liebman. "Other founding directors and advisers of the NSIC include ultra-rightist beer baron Joseph Coors; Frank Shakespeare, chair of the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation; and former CIA director William J. Casey. Barnett was also a prominent member of the Committee on the Present Danger. Before founding the NSIC, he served as the director of research for the ultra-rightwing Smith Richardson Foundation, and a program director of the Institute for American Strategy."[3]

"NSIC's projects are directed and managed by Dr. Roy Godson and Jeffrey Berman." [4]

Directors 2006


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Between 2001 and 2010, the NSIC received $4.4 million from the Bradley Foundation[1] .


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