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National Security Advisory Council (NSAC) is a sub-organization of the Center for Security Policy. According to the Center's web site, the "National Security Advisory Council (NSAC) was originally known as the CSP Board of Advisors. While the name has been changed, the organization's function has not: The NSAC serves as a key instrument for the networking, information sharing, paper production and recommendation dissemination that has been the Center for Security Policy raison d'etre. Under the honorary co-chairmenship of Sen. Jon Kyl and Hon. R. James Woolsey, Jr., former Director of Central Intelligence, the NSAC has also afforded an invaluable sense of community for exemplary members of the security policy community during a protracted period when their robust views and proven judgment ran counter to successive administrations' party lines. The Center is delighted that so many members of its Council are now on leave for government service and look forward to working every bit as closely with them in their new capacities." [1]

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