National Republican Heritage Groups Council

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National Republican Heritage Groups Council [1]
5825 3rd Place, NW
Washington, DC 20011
202/608-1404 (p)
Contact: Dr. Theodore Perros, Chairman

(202) 994-6120
"As the American electorate grows in diversity, the NRHGC insures that all nationalities are properly represented and recruited by the Republican Party." --

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  • 1996 list of "Conservative orgs"
  • "a 1988 study by Russ Bellant of Political Research Associates"
  • Russ Bellant's book *Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party*
    published by South End Press and the Political Research Associates. Boston, MA.
  • "As late as 1988, there were a number of genuine pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic types from Eastern and Central Europe in the Republican Party's National Republican Heritage Groups Council. Several of these worthies were leaders of the George Bush presidential campaign's ethnic outreach arm, the Coalition of American Nationalities, despite the fact that their checkered past was not a big secret. One of them, Laszlo Pasztor (or Pastor) had served in the pro-Nazi Hungarian government's embassy in Berlin during the war. This had been revealed in a 1971 page-one story in the Washington post. When this past was again brought up in September 1988, the Republicans were obliged to dump Pasztor and four others of his ilk from Bush's campaign." [2]
  • 1972: "George Bush [Sr.] appointed chairman of the Republican Party. Bush proceeds to set up the ethnic heritage groups in the party. In short, these groups are nothing more than a haven for Nazi émigrés from Eastern Europe. Members of the Republican Heritage Groups Council included Lazlo Paszor, Hungary Arrow Cross member, Radi Slavoff, Bulgarian fascist, Nicolas Nazarenko former SS officer in the Cossack Division, Florian Gaddu, Romanian Iron Guard member, Method Balco Slovakian fascist. Both Allen Dulles and Nixon believed these émigrés were useful in getting out the vote." [3]

Bellant, Russ. Old Nazis, the New Right and the Reagan Administration. 2nd ed. Political Research Associates, 1989. 96 pages. (Reissued as "Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party" and available for $9 from South End Press, 116 Saint Botolph Street, Boston MA 02115, Tel: 800-533-8478.)
This publication first appeared during the 1988 Bush campaign, and with the help of a series of articles in "Washington Jewish Week" it provoked a minor scandal. At issue was the close association of the Republican Party with Eastern European nationalists who had emigrated to the U.S. when their pro-Nazi regimes collapsed. Pages 17-34 are on the National Republican Heritage Groups (Nationalities) Council, pages 35-50 on the American Security Council, and a final chapter on other "domestic fascist networks."
Political Research Associates (1310 Broadway, Suite 201, Somerville, Massachusetts 02144, Tel: 617-666-5300) began in Chicago as Midwest Research in 1981, and moved to Cambridge with their new name in 1987. Russ Bellant (Detroit) and staff analyst Chip Berlet are the principal writers, and Jean Hardisty, Ph.D., is chairman of the board and the major donor. Besides Ms. Hardisty, other directors include Prof. Lucy Williams (Northeastern Law School, Boston), Rev. Sally A. Dries (Shamokin PA), Prof. Robin Gillies (Northwestern University), and Prof. Deborah Bright (Rhode Island School of Design). Their 10-year report is titled "Unmasking the Political Right."

ISBN 0-915987-05-8