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The National Committee For Faith and Family (NCFF) is a "grassroots, bipartisan organization founded by Mary Beth Brown. NCFF was "formed by concerned citizens who feel that Americans need to restore decency, morality, and the sanctity of family. It is our goal to raise public and political awareness of the filth and anti-Christian bigotry in America today," its website states.[1]


Citizens United

Mary Beth Brown is the Chairman of Citizens United for Family, a project of Citizens United Foundation. She is the wife of Floyd G. Brown, who founded Citizens United in 1988.[4]

NCFF registered as a charitable organization under Citizens United in Washington state.[5]

The address for NCFF is the same as that for Citizens United.[6]

Mailing Lists

The NCFF mailing list is listed for sale by NextMark[7] and TMA[8]

Contact information

National Committee for Faith and Family
1006 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE B
Washington DC, 20003

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