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Nathaniel Strauss is a Seattle-based attorney with the firm Karr Tuttle Campbell who focuses on technology issues. According to his biography on a past employer’s website, he "graduated with Honors from the University of Washington School of Law, where he served as articles editor for the Washington Law Review and president of the Technology Law Society. In 2009 he served as a judicial extern in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington for Chief Judge Robert S. Lasnik. Mr. Strauss also worked as a law clerk for the Washington State Office of the Attorney General, advising clients on various technology law matters including technology transfer, intellectual property licensing and litigation, e-commerce, and online privacy policies and terms-of-use notices."[1]

Strauss also co-authored "Initial Sequencing and Analysis of the Human Genome," the 2001 article in the journal Nature announcing the results of the Human Genome Project, and "has extensive industry experience developing software to analyze high-throughput DNA sequencing, gene expression, and proteomics data," according to his C.V.[1]

Smeared by Corporate Front Groups

In 2014, someone created a fake Twitter account, @drnstrauss, naming it "DrFleischman" and adding the tagline, "I like to edit Wikipedia." The fake account tweeted defamatory things like, "I may have a JD but my logic skills are first grade I mean first rate. Wait, what was the question?" and falsely and harmfully suggesting that he billed clients for the hours he spent on Wikipedia.[2]

The profile implies that attorney Nathaniel Strauss is employed by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD, publisher of SourceWatch), although he has never worked for CMD in any capacity. The profile image is the "ALEC Exposed" logo created by CMD (and used by the account without permission). The anonymous smear artist only created 10 tweets for the account, but one of them was a retweet of CMD's then-Research Director linking to a SourceWatch profile of Edelman PR Company.[2]

Then, in 2016, the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH, a notorious corporate front group) launched the website ""[3][4][5] One of its "Cranksters" smear profiles is of "Nathaniel Strauss – DrFleischman on Wikipedia," and it makes a number of false and defamatory claims about Strauss and CMD. The site falsely implies Strauss works for CMD and makes other unfounded claims in an apparent attempt to harm his business and professional reputation.[6]

"Deniers For Hire" complains that Strauss is an editor of ACSH’s Wikipedia page, an allegation that may explain why the group targets him. "Deniers For Hire" claims that Strauss "monitors the American Council on Science and Health Wikipedia page so no accurate information that deviates from the agenda of Sourcewatch can be posted."[6]

The website also repeatedly points to and relies on the false Strauss Twitter feed.[6]

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