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Naser Rayyes "received his Masters in International Law and International Studies from Algeria University in 1995. He is currently in the process of completing his PhD on the jurisdiction and responsibility of states under International Law. He began working for Al-Haq in 1998 as a Legal Researcher, and also serves as a Lawyer and coordinator for legislation and the judiciary. He specialises in international human rights law and is the author of several publications on the subject. He has written four books dealing with international humanitarian law, including The Israel Settlements from the Perspective of International Law. He has published articles are on Palestinian resistance, settlements, Israel's responsibility as a member state of the United Nations and the rule of law and human rights within Palestinian National Authority territories." [1]

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  1. Al-Haq Media Packet, "From Theory to Practice: Upholding International Humanitarian Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories", 21- 24 November 2005, Grand Park Hotel, Ramallah.