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"Then, in 1972, at the suggestion of Adele Davis, with whom he had become acquainted after reading her books, Dr. Susser attended the International College of Applied Nutrition (ICAN) symposium in San Francisco that year and his eyes, heart, and mind were opened to, as he so aptly put it, “those unexpected vistas of the world of medical alternatives.” The board of directors soon elected him to be one of their directors.

"Like many if not most of us, Dr. Susser had grown up believing in a government for the people and by the people - in the land of the free. It took him a while to learn that governments are made up of people with dogma, bias, and even corruption. But when he did see reality, he became a freedom fighter. His experiences with ICAN helped to solidify his pro-freedom viewpoint. And he did not just think, he acted.

"In addition to ICAN, Dr. Susser served on several alternative-medicine boards as director and program chairman. He was an officer of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine (IAPM). He was also president and program chairman of the well-respected American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) as well as president for the American Association for Health Freedom (AAHF). In fact, every organization to which he has belonged has fought in some way or another for health freedom." [1]

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