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MultiVu, a subsidiary of PR Newswire, boasts that it "provides unsurpassed broadcast and multimedia production and global distribution services to more than 40,000 companies worldwide that seek to reach the media, financial community and general public with visual messages." [1]

MultiVu specialises in "the creation of video news releases, satellite media tours" and other fake news products including audio news releases and B-Roll. [2]


In 1998 PR Newswire established its multimedia division which was relaunched in March 2002 as MultiVu. MultiVu claims that it "counts among its customers 20 of the top 25 PR firms globally" and that it in 2004 it was the "second largest provider of broadcast public relations services." [3]

Multicultural PR

In March 2008, PR Week reported that MultiVu was launching a "social media news release targeting the U.S. Hispanic audience." MultiVu's "Interactivo Multimedia News Release" (IMNR) was described as distributing fake news "broadcast content, photos, and text to Hispanic social networks and news sites. Video content will also be distributed to video-sharing sites such as MiGente and HispaVista. And IMNR content will appear in Spanish on the Reuters billboard in Manhattan's Times Square." [1]

In January 2008, MultiVu parent company PR Newswire purchased Hispanic PR Wire. MultiVu's new division, "MultiVu Latino," is headed by Hispanic PR Wire co-founder Manny Ruiz. [1] Nadia Fiorello is co-director of MultiVu Latino with Ruiz, according to Portada magazine. [2]


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