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As A Third Generation Camel Cigarette Smoker, It Was to My Great Disappointment and Chagrin to Purchase A Carton of Camel Filters Which Would Seem to Have Been Tainted with A Strange Mold/Fungus.

This letter was written to the R.J. Reynolds tobacco company by a smoker who suddenly starting experiencing extreme ("migraine") headaches while smoking Camel cigarettes. He wrote to RJR,

...I was prompted to dissect several of the Camel cigarettes, upon which time I discovered a white fungus, no unlike a cocoon in appearance. Needless to say, I was shocked and threw the cartoon (sic) in the trash."

The consumer also told RJR that this situation had made him concerned about "the relative safety of your product.

Company/Source: R.J. Reynolds
Document Date: 18 Sep 1996
Length: 2 pages
Bates No. 518208882/8883

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