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Mirha Kratina "is a psychologist who received her training at the University of Sarajevo and the University of Belgrade. Since 1995, Ms. Kratina has been the field facilitator and psychologist for Save the Children in Zenica. Save the Children is a community based program designed to improve the social and psychological well-being of preschool children affected by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ms. Kratina's role has been multi-faceted; she has provided technical assistance to local communities in setting up preschool/playroom services and training to teachers/playroom leaders in areas including psychosocial care and child trauma. On a daily basis, Ms. Kratina directly assists playroom leaders, teachers, and parents in their work with children. In addition, Ms. Kratina has trained educators in Zenica-Doboj Canton in the mental health of children, psychological problems induced by war, and professional burnout." [1]

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