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Minqi Li "teaches economics at University of Utah and has also taught political science at York University, Canada. He turned from an advocate of free market principles into a Marxist and was a political prisoner in China between 1990 and 1992." [1]

"He is the author of "After Neoliberalism: Empire, Social Democracy, or Socialism?" (Monthly Review 55.8, January 2004) among other articles and The Rise of China and the Demise of the Capitalist World-Economy (London: Pluto Press, forthcoming). He also translated Ernest Mandel's Power and Money into Chinese with Meng Jie: Quanli yu Ziben (Beijing: Zhongyang Bianyi Chubanshe [The CCP Central Committee Compilation and Translation Press], 2002)." [2]

In a 2008 interview broadcast by The Real News Paul Jay asked Li "Just to be clear, you're saying most of the leadership of the Tiananmen Square democracy type of movement were mostly connected to this neoliberal economic reform movement". To which Li responded: "Yeah, I would say probably all of them."

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