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"Mind Gym’s first Workout was run on 1st September 2000 at Deutsche Bank in London.

"The journey started a year earlier, over dinner when the conversation had turned to spotting trends in society. On the assumption that the 1980’s had been the decade of the body, with the birth of jogging, nouvelle cuisine and Jane Fonda’s Workouts, and the 1990s was the decade of the soul, with yoga, alternative medicine and feng shui, it was suggested that the 2000’s would be the decade of the mind (think ‘mind, body, soul’). And so the idea of a ‘mind gym’ was born.

"Octavius Black, who had recently sold his employee communication consultancy to Omnicom, joined forces with Sebastian Bailey, a very successful business psychologist, and Professor Guy Claxton. Together they started to work out what this ‘mind gym’ would do.

"The original intention was to run Workouts for the mind in physical gyms in the high street. These would be short, sharp workshops that were grounded in robust science, packed with practical tools that could be used immediately and were fun to do. The traditional gyms, alas, were not remotely interested and so Seb and Octavius turned their attention to businesses.

"By the tenth anniversary, over 500,000 people have taken part in one of Mind Gym’s trademark 90-minute Workouts, Sprints, Live actions or Go larges. These have been run in 30 different countries with 400 of the world’s most successful organisations from Google to Accenture, M&S to Pfizer, Shell to RBS. There are currently 250 qualified Coaches living in 14 countries who deliver these Workouts."[1]

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Web: http://uk.themindgym.com

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