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Millennium Marketing is the "in-house direct mail" branch of Century Strategies.

According to the Century Strategies' web site, the "Millennium Marketing team designs, produces and delivers cutting edge constituency and voters contact mail along with fundraising mail that has helped our clients win presidential to state legislative elections.

"During the 2000 campaign, Millennium Marketing provided mailing services in key battleground states for George Walker Bush during the primaries and then once again during the general election. In fact, Millennium Marketing mailed over 7,000,000 pieces of direct mail for our ticket and state Victory 2000 efforts during the recent election cycle.

"In addition, Millennium Marketing maintains a very aggressive state legislative direct mail practice. In 2000, our state legislative teams served as the select direct mail vendor for the Georgia Republican Party as they gained seats in the Georgia Senate and for the Florida House Republican Caucus where we also helped gain seats for our Party.

"During the 1999 cycle in Virginia, Timothy R. Phillips, Robert Randolph (president of Millennium Marketing) and Phil Cox produced direct mail for over two dozen state house and state senate campaigns totaling approximately 1.9 million pieces.

"Our in-house creative department designs and produces virtually every type of mail from multi-color self-mailers to the most personalized of fundraising letters."

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