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Biographical Information

"Michael Skoletsky is a founder and the Executive Director of Shark Savers...

"Michael’s career began in traditional advertising, working on both the agency and client sides with Procter & Gamble, Pepsi-Cola, and Coca-Cola. During that time, he was responsible for advertising and media campaigns for such products as Tide, Diet Coke, and various Pepsi brands. Beginning in 1990, he focused on the interactive and then Internet arenas, often bridging the gap between old and new media. He was founder and President of Panolog in Los Angeles, which partnered with Apple Computer to develop the 'movie studio of the future' software platform prototype. With Panolog, and later with interactive firm Viant, where he ran the Media & Entertainment practice, and with Blast Radius, he led many strategic initiatives and the resulting implementation for AOL, Time Warner, Paramount, Meredith, and others. Most recently, he led teams to produce Golf.com (for Time Inc,), Parents.com and BHG.com (Better Homes & Garden) for Meredith, and a few web-based AOL channels.

Michael's interest in the oceans has been a consistent theme in his life. As a child, he devoted much of his bedroom and allowance money to increasingly larger aquariums. He applied to college with the intention of becoming an oceanographer, although his other interests pulled him towards Communication Arts. In the early 80's, while working for advertising legend Alan Pottasch at Pepsi-Cola, he became a scuba diver...

"Michael was also a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and worked closely with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi developing teacher-training and other video-based course materials. He has been meditating daily since he was 18. He has a BA with Honors in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Madison." [1]

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