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"Trained as economist, statistician and accountant BSc.(Econ)Hons, worked as Financial Analyst, O & M Consultant, Operational Research Consultant, university lecturer, and restaurateur. Later trained as an Osteopath at the European School of Osteopathy, established one of the first Holistic Clinics (!981) The Wealden Clinic, was council member of the Natural Medicines Society and is a member of the Scientific & Medical Network. He completed training in the Buteyko Method through the BIBH 6 years ago. He believes we are at an critical evolutionary stage in our understanding and practice of medicine and that we need to meet this challenge not with old paradigm of Newtonian thinking but a new 21st Century Vision, not with Aristotle’s “binary” logic but with Buddha’s “fuzzy” logic; the former demands something ‘is or is not’, the other that something ‘is and is not’. Not the field for medical flat earthers?"[1]


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