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Sir Michael Howard is a military historian, and is on the board of the International Institute for Strategic Studies. He was vice-president of the British Academy in 1978 and 1980.

Sir Michael received the NATO Atlantic Award and the Paul H. Nitze Award from the US Center for Naval Analyses. He was knighted in 1986. [1]

Also: 'Speaking at a conference last week, hosted by the Royal United Services Institute and the Guardian, Sir Michael lambasted the bombing of Afghanistan, comparing it to "trying to eradicate cancer cells with a blow torch".

He said President George W. Bush had made a "terrible and irreversible" mistake calling the campaign a war, as it created public demand for military action.'

External links

  • Liz Ford, Military precision, Guardian/UK, November 8, 2001. Interview with Sir Michael Howard, Oxford University Professor. On the subject of the war in Iraq, Sir Howard's Speech: "Mistake to declare this a 'war'".