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MediSend International "is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian medical aid and education to people in need in developing countries worldwide. MediSend's global mission includes the distribution of medical supplies and equipment in long-term medical aid programs, disaster-emergency medical relief campaigns, and educational programs in Biomedical Equipment Repair.

"With the help of strategic partners such as manufacturers, distributors and hospital systems that donate medical supplies and equipment, MediSend International provides shipments of medical aid to qualified hospitals in developing countries. In these regions, doctors and medical practitioners are desperate for even the simplest items such as surgical gloves or sterile syringes. Generous support from corporate sponsors such as ExxonMobil, BHP Billiton, PEMEX, Cambridge Holdings, Inc. and ESI Estech Systems, Inc., enables MediSend to send shipments around the world helping to ease the suffering of those in dire need of medical attention. MediSend collaborates with international NGO's such as Africare, USAID, the World Health Organization, Save the Children, the International Red Cross, United Nations Development Programmes (UNDP) andCure International to insure that goods arrive at their intended destination, and more importantly that they are used for the benefit of those with the greatest needs...

"MediSend International has distributed more than 590 shipments of medical supplies and equipment, valued at over $72 million dollars to needy communities in 93 developing countries." [1]


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Accessed August 2008: [3]



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