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Maureen O’Hara, "chair of the psychology department at National University in La Jolla, California, is a noted researcher, educator, writer, and speaker on leading-edge issues in relational psychology, client-centered therapy, gender relations, organizational psychology, and the future of consciousness. She is also president emeritus of the Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco. A native of England, Maureen studied with Dr. Carl R. Rogers during and after her doctoral work in clinical psychology. This led to a 17-year association investigating the dynamics of person-centered group processes, large group process interventions, and learning community development in several countries. In 1970, she created the Human Development Program at Oberlin College, where she taught the first course on human sexuality in a U.S. college and established herself as an innovator in human relations education, women's studies, and gender studies.

"Maureen is also a founding fellow of the Meridian International Institute on Governance, Leadership, Learning, and the Future, a San Francisco-based futures think tank, and a member of the International Futures Forum at St. Andrews University, Scotland. Her published work appears in popular and academic books and journals ranging from Omni magazine, the Los Angeles Times op-ed section, and Whole Earth Review to Skeptical Inquirer, Education, and the Journal for Humanistic Psychology. She also co-produced the award-winning video Myths that Maim, which examines the social construction of gender violence." [1]

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