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"Our organisation was established in 1980, when we co-founded the Trust for Community Outreach and Education. Our focus was on literacy, information and educational programmes with the overall aim to end apartheid...Numerous community workshops and other engagements led to the emergence of community leaders and the establishment of a popular grassroots movement, Coastal Links...Due to this immense and increasing important international networking, we have taken a leading role in facilitating cooperation and organising workshops at the international level. As the co-chairperson of the World Forum for Fisher People (WFFP), our director plays a key role as an active participant in international meetings on small-scale fishing, and has contributed to shaping the agenda of several international conferences. Furthermore, we have a close relationship with The International Collective in Support of Fish workers (ICSF), an international NGO that works for the establishment of equitable and sustainable fisheries, particularly in the small-scale sector." [1]

Their 2013 Annual report notes: "We strengthened our collaborative relationships with institutions such as the University of Western Cape’s Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), the University of Cape Town’s Environmental and Evaluation Unit (EEU) and the Legal Resources Centre (LRC)." Later they note: "The National Footprint Project, supported by our Danish partner Afrika Kontak (AK), was phased out in 2013. It had entailed the establishment of structures for fishers and the building of capacity for about 120 leaders in 60 communities. This was in the main achieved. The future of that work that we did is now being integrated into the rest of the MDT and CL programme." Funders include: Trust for Community Outreach and Education, Danida, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Afrika Kontak, Reincorpfish, Hivos, and Lighthouse Foundation. REgional donors make up most of their funding though.

Their 2012 annual report notes Masifundise received funding from: Afrika Kontakt, Canadian International Development Agency, Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC); MASIFUNDE received money from Action Aid

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Accessed November 2014: [2]




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