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Mary Olayan, along with family members Khaled, Hayat, Hutham, and Lubna Olayan, is counted by Forbes as number 39 among with world's wealthiest people:[1]

Net Worth: $6.9 bil (inherited)
Country of citizenship: Saudi Arabia
Marital Status: n/a

"Khaled Olayan took over as chairman of Olayan Group in July 2002 after the death of his father Sulaiman. A self-made man who became known as the Warren Buffett of Saudi Arabia, Sulaiman died in his Manhattan home at the age of 83. He was buried in Riyadh. The Olayan Group, which began as a trucking concern in 1947 and grew into more than 50 companies, has big stakes in MetLife, Credit Suisse First Boston and American International Group. One large investment that has given Olayan trouble lately: JPMorgan Chase. Ownership of the company now lies with Sulaiman's widow, Mary Olayan, and his four children, Khaled, Hayat, Hutham and Lubna."

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