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Martin Livermore describes himself as the director of the Scientific Alliance. [1] He is also the principal of Ascham Associates. [2]


According to, Martin Livermore is a PR man who previously worked for the biotechnology company DuPont, as well as for the agri-food giants Unilever and Dalgety. A biographical note states that he has over 25 years experience including "of working overseas (South Africa and the Netherlands) and in US and Continental European business cultures." [3]

After leaving DuPont in 2001, he set up his own firm, Ascham Associates. He claims to have 'extensive networks in the food chain, public sector, NGO and think tank communities'. [4]

Martin Livermore has worked in major agri-food companies (DuPont, Unilever and Dalgety). Prior to setting up Ascham Associates in 2001, his biogrpahical note states that his "roles included setting up and managing major food ingredients R&D programmes, long-term strategy development in the green biotechnology sector, and development of industry-wide co-operative outreach activities. He has extensive networks in the food chain, public sector, NGO and think tank communities and is media trained." [5]

He is a fellow of the International Policy Network, and on the advisory panel of the Scientific Alliance.

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