Marlboro Proposals for Mid-Winter Youth Vacation Spot Promotions

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This 1975 Philip Morris proposal presents ideas for increasing use of Marlboro cigarettes among "kids" through targeted promotions at beaches during vacation time. Promotional ideas include having a four wheel-drive Marlboro dune buggy equipped with a "heavy sound system" drive onto beaches, play rock and roll and give away free cigarettes samples; free water skiing behind a speed boat painted with Marlboro logos; passing out free Marlboro frisbees at beaches, and offering as a door prize at bars a half-day deep sea fishing trip on a boat called "The Good Ship Marlboro."



1. The Marlboro Dune Buggy - A 4-wheel drive vehicle equipped with a heavy sound system to play rock and roll as vehicle drives up to beach spots with free samples.

2. The Great T-Shirt Drop - Hire local D.J.'s to fly in sound-equipped helicopters to talk with kids on beaches dropping Marlboro T-Shirts along the way.

3. Free Water Skiing behind the Marlboro Boat - Hire local boat to give rides. Paint up the boat with Marlboro ID, provide skis, life jackets and belts, etc.

4. Marlboro Frisbees - pass them out free at beaches.

5. Marlboro Message System - set up 10 to 20 message boards at key points around the resort area. If a kid puts a message up (trying to locate friends, fraternity brothers, girls, start a party, etc.) Marlboro xeroxes the original message and posts it on all 20 boards within an hour. Sell Marlboro ID items through local retailers and barkeeps (on consignment). Items might include plastic belts, paper swim suits, plastic glasses, beach balls, beach towels and bags, the Marlboro radio, The Big Red Pen, T-Shirts, etc.

7. Marlboro Address Book - free on sampler pack card for distribution by reps.

8. Marlboro Bar Contests - Hold "door prize" drawings in participating bars for free 1/2-day deep sea fishing trips on "The Good Ship Marlboro" -- a rented deep sea charter fishing boat.

Document Date: 19750908/E (September 8, 1975)
Document Type: Report
Bates Number: 2045015831
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