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Mark LaRochelle is the associate editor and webmaster for the National Journalism Center, a project of the Young America's Foundation (YAF) that trains conservative journalists and assists in finding them jobs.

After three years as editor of The Patriot, LaRochelle was an intern at the NJC in summer 1990.

LaRochelle subsequently worked "press secretary of Putting People First in Washington, DC. He was editor of the newsletter The People's Agenda, writer and editor of the column "From the Trenches," and a co-author of the book Animal Scam: The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights," the website states.

"After stints as director of publications at the Science & Environmental Policy Project and as Capitol Hill reporter for the Federal News Service, Mark returned to PPF as executive director in Helena, Montana," it states.

In 1997 LaRochelle returned to Washington to work as manager of information services at the Cato Institute and then in 1998 as manager of information services at the NJC. He has subsequently become associate editor at NJC, and in 2000, associate editor of Consumers' Research.

"Mark has written for The New York Post, The Washington Times, CommonSense, Summa Philosophae and other publications. He is a 1986 Olive W. Garvey Fellow of the Mont Pelerin Society," his biographical note states.

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