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Mark Getty "is the co-founder and chairman of Getty Images, Inc. In 1993, Mark and Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Klein founded Getty Investments LLC, which today is the principal shareholder of Getty Images.

"Since that time, Mark has successfully established Getty Images as the leading provider of imagery and related products and services. He has successfully negotiated the acquisition of several major image brands, including Kodak's Image Bank collection, Stone (formerly Tony Stone Images), Visual Communications Group, and PhotoDisc...

"Prior to Getty Images, Mark worked with Kidder Peabody in New York and then joined Hambros Bank Limited in London in 1991. He serves on the board of directors of several companies and is the chairman of Getty Investments LLC." [1]

The late J. Paul Getty, Jr. was his father.

"Mark Getty says the seeds for Getty Images were first sown in 1984 after his father and uncles decided to sell Getty Oil, for decades a top-performing stock, to Texaco for $10.1 billion." [2]

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